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Is your home plagued by lead water pipes? The silent threat that affects your family’s health and daily life. Low water pressure, potential health hazards, and renovation projects on hold – it’s time to take control.

Struggling With Low Water Pressure?

Fed up with the frustratingly low water pressure? Replacing lead pipes can significantly boost your water flow and boiler efficiency.

Are You Aware Of The Health Risks?

Lead pipes can pose severe health risks. Discover the hidden dangers of lead pipes and why replacement is crucial.

Home Renovation Benefits

Planning a renovation? Don’t forget this essential upgrade for a healthier home.

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Professional Lead Pipe Replacement across the North West, North Wales & Midlands.

Having lead water mains pipes can be dangerous and is easily rectified by replacing using plastic piping. Here at Tiger Utilities we use our latest leak detection equipment meaning we can review and assess your requirements effectively with ease whether that be a full water main replacement or a point repair on a leaking section of pipe.

We are WIAPS certified and due to using the latest Trenchless technology that keeps excavations and disruption to a minimum. If you’re unsure if your property has lead pipes, we’ve put together a helpful guide to confirm whether your lead pipes need replacing.

Reasons to replace your lead water supply pipe:

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See below our three step process

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Step One

Flags before works commence.

A hole in the ground with a blue pipe for lead pipe replacement.

Step Two

New water main installed using mole.

A wet walkway next to a house undergoing lead pipe replacement, with a door.

Step Three

Site restored by experienced technicians.

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Based on the Wirral, we cover the Northwest of England, North Wales and the Midlands. We are a family run business which is friendly, reliable and Customer Service focused. We pride ourselves on the great Customer feedback, with all of our work being carried out to the highest of standards.

Water main and drainage specialists
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Garden drainage specialists

Drainage repairs and maintenance
Leak detection and repair
Aco drainage installation
Water Industry Approved Plumbers
(WIAPS certified)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Lead water pipes are dangerous because lead can dissolve into the water and be ingested. This can lead to serious health problems, especially for young children, pregnant women, and elderly people. Lead pipes were commonly used in plumbing until the mid-20th century but have since been replaced with safer materials like copper and plastic.

Your local water company usually provides funding to support you in replacing your lead pipes. In some cases this can also be paid directly to approved contractors.

It is only properties built before 1970 which are likely to have lead pipes. We have put together a useful guide on how to check for lead pipes. The main steps are:


  1. Go to your kitchen sink and open the cupboards to reveal the pipes.
  2. Find the pipe leading to the internal stop tap, which connects your property to the mains water supply.
  3. Look at the pipe, if it’s dark grey under any paint then it’s likely to be made from lead.
  4. If you’re unsure, lead can be easily marked with another metal object to test.
  5. If still not 100%, then we’d recommend asking a plumber or cross referencing against images available if you search online. As a precaution it’s always best to ask an expert.

The majority of lead pipe replacements can be complete within a day.

This is again dependent on the size of your project, but this can start from around £550 + VAT. Funding is also usually available from your water supplier.

We offer lead pipe replacement services across the Northwest of England. This includes Wirral, Cheshire, Liverpool, Merseyside and Greater Manchester.